A simple Ethereum ERC20 token



Frameworks and tools




All the new rising technologies around blockchains, cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, etc. have attracted my attention during the last year. After having experimented a little with some of these tools and technologies, such as decentralized exchanges and wallets, I got intereseted on the technical and development side of it. I started reading technical articles and documentations on the inner workings of the multiple blockchain networks, and I decided to spin up an Ethereum development environment on my machine and try out some of these things.

Cryptotetes is a very simple and dummy ERC20 token deployable on networks such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. I made it in order to learn how these decentralized networks work and how to create on them. Cryptotetes is deployed on the Ethereum's testnet 'Ropsten'. It is useless and valueless, but it is engraved in the Ropsten blockchain for perpetuity.

This little project let me learn the fundamentals of Ethereum, Solidity, and framworks like Truffle, OpenZeppelin or Web3. I may rewrite the whole thing using Hardhat, Waffle and Ethers.js instead of Truffle and Web3.js.

I don't know if blockchain technologies are just a passing fad or are here to stay, but they are surely interesting on a technical point of view.