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Muzplash is a plugin for Muzei providing images from Unsplash.

Some of the features of Muzplash are:

  • Implements the new Muzei 3 API.
  • Choose the theme of the images to provide. Landscapes, cityscapes, cars or cats, whatever you choose to get.
  • Filter out non-geolocated images. Because sometimes it is frustrating to miss the location of that beautiful landscape.
  • Get the author, description and location of the image in Muzei, and access the full details in Unsplash in just one click.
  • Open the image location in Google Maps within Muzei.
  • Choose how many images to load everytime Muzei asks for new pictures. Thus, even if you temporarily don't have internet access, Muzei will probably have a set of unseen images in cache.
  • The authors are attributed and their download statistics are incremented.

As of September 2021, Muzplash has been installed more than 10 000 times, and has around 3 000 active users.

This is not the only Android application I've made, but probably the only one worth mentioning. It was my first experience with Kotlin however.

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